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Demonstration & Documentation

We have here at Concrete5 Denmark, decided to make a home for our blog package on its own website. This should give you simple access to documentation on how to install and use our C5DK Blog Package.

We have divided this page in to demonstration and documentation pages, so if you want to look at how C5DK Blog works, you will find a varity of installations of the blog on the following pages "Standard Blog", "Multi User Blog" and using the blog as a "News" system.


This is a introduction video to give you an idea about what our Blog Package is all about.

The news: Top Story

Our blog package just grew.

Our blog package just grew.

At first there was just a blog. But after countless requests to add functionality that could lead the blog to a full article writing system, we provide just that.
A Standard Blog

A Standard Blog Because it is Reliable

Is C5DK Blog too complicated for a single user? NO... It's just prepared to expand over time and to supply you with the tools to create great blogs.

A Multi User Blog

A Multi User Blog Built on top of Bootstrap 3.3

Concrete5 is a CMS with a ton of functionality. And our C5DK Blog Package is just making concrete5 even better. You even have the possibility to have a multilingual blogging site.

A News Section

A News Section Use the blog as a news system

C5DK Blog have all the tools to also have a fully functional news system where editors wil be able to feed the news all over the website. Just as a live news room.

What Clients Say About Us


"This package is fantastic... It's always been a concern giving certain clients the ability to go into the backend of their C5 website when all they need to do is post some news. This has answered that requirement and then some. A fantastic package and highly recommended for anyone using C5 for clients that may be slightly less technically minded. Thank you for all your hard work."

- mobius2000

"This is my new go-to blogging add-on solution for v5.7 and v5.8 sites. As a former evangelist for ProBlog (v5.6 and early generation v5.7), I can confirm that C5DK Blog works great for the newer Concrete5 versions. I have converted two sites and multiple users from ProBlog to C5DK Blog, and every user raves about the ease of managing and authoring blog content compared to their experience with ProBlog. It is a well-conceived solution and worth its small price! The training videos are outstanding too."

- digitaris

"After installing the add on I took the time to watch the nice video's how to install the whole blog functionality. The video's are very helpful and after doing exactly what is told I got my blog working. I had some lay out questions and the C5DK support was very very good and it helped me to understand the basics."

- alxbob8