Setting up the Advanced Blog

As you have gone through the settings and configuration of a standard blog system, we will now add a lot of more advanced stuff to our blog. For showing this we will add a second blog root to our site, and by doing that you will be able to see the differens between a more simple blog to a more advanced blog.

See the video below for a full walk through for setting up the Advanced Blog. In the list further down you can pick a section from the video to see a specific topic.

Video of setting up a more advanced blog system

In this part of the documentation we will go through the following:

Setting up the Blog Root for the Advanced Blog
Postponed and Unpublishing date and time
Writing the blog content
Using Tags
The Topics system inside concrete5 (the basics)
Adding and cropping a thumbnail

Unfortunately there is not a lot of information on topics system in concrete5 on the internet at the moment, and we might make some more thorough documentation in the future.