Installation of the package

To install an add-on in to concrete5, should be straight forward. And it should be something that you should already be familiar with.

So let's install the C5DK Blog package in to concrete5 (this will only be an explanation - we have already installed the package).

Video of Installaing the C5DK Blog Package

Setting up the standard blog

To setup the blog package, there is several things to do. Because we are using as much concrete5 functionality as possible, a lot of the settings is related to concrete5.

There is several steps to go through, and you can see the full video below. In the list further down you can pick specifik sequenses of setting up the blog.

Video of the basic settings for the Standard Blog

We will here go through the different steps to make the blog work on your site. We will go through the following steps:

Setting up users and groups
Setting up Page Types and Stacks to use them in your blog
Setting up all the basic settings in the blog

Creating the blog root and make it work

After setting up all the basics, it's time to put everything together. To make it all work, we need to make relations between users and the blog pages. That is done by creating a blog root, where we make concrete5 know which user groups and functionality that will be assigned to the blog.

You can have multiple blog roots (or blog sections) on your site, and each one can have its own design. But let's start with one blog root page.

Video of setting up the blog root and make everything work