A blog experience for both single-user and multi-user sites. A blog that is simple for the user, but still sophisticated enough for both to handle pictures and video embedded in the blog. A really neat feature is that each blogger has his/her own image library and it is possible to "croppe" pictures to the thumbnail image.

The blog also have options to act as a full news room system where editors will be able to "Approve", "Feed news around the site" and "Postpone Publication" and even set a time for both publication and removal of news.

Add-ons & Website Development

In Concrete5 Denmark we have our own developers employed. These people concentrate solely on the manufacture of add-ons for Concrete5 CMS and of course we also make websites for our customers. Some of these add-ons will be put up for sale on the marketplace in the United States.

You are always welcome to contact us. We will try to answer your questions the best we can. Then we will see how far our knowledge goes!