Using the Blog Package as a News Article System

Now we will try to explain how to use the C5DK Blog Package as a full fledged News Article System. Some one could say that this should be a package by it self. But we desided to have all the functionality in the same package because we do not think that we should decide how you would use the package.

Below you can see a video on how to set up the Blog Package as a news system where we introduce the "News Editor", and explain the difference between "Writer" and "Editor".

Video of setting up our C5DK Blog Package as a News System

In this part of the documentation we will focus on the following:

Using the "Posts needs approval" system
Using the topics for pushing articles around the site
Using the editor administration page

Again I must say that because of the lack of documentation for the topic system in concrete5, we are working on some deeper explanation on this in the future.