Our blog package just grew.

At first there was just a blog. But after countless requests to add functionality that could lead the blog to a full article writing system, we provide just that.

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Our blog package just grew.

Posted by Concrete5 Danmark - 2020-02-29 10:35:44

I am proud to announce our new C5DK Blog package. We have designed and built this concrete5 package over several years and are now ready to give you a full article writing experience.

We have tried to make this package as flexible as possible, supporting websites with simple blogs all the way up to an advanced news center.

We do this by letting you, as a user, decide for yourself what functionality you want on your blog or news website.

This blog package fully supports concrete5 multilingual system for websites in multiple languages. The package also supports the possibility of having many blog writers on the same website.

In the C5DK Blog package, we try to support and use as much concrete5 functionality as possible, thereby providing you with the already proven features of concrete5, but with the ability to manage users who write blog articles without having to be administrators of the website .

Our position is that blog article writers and site administrators are two different things. And in that way we provide blog article writers tools such as their own file and image manager that are not part of the concrete5 dashboard.

We hope you will enjoy our new and improved C5DK Blog package.


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